No it's not what you are thinking, this is not a service for swingers.

This is an online swap meet for a new digital blockchain currency called Rings.

About Us


Money by the people for the people

Rings is a digital blockchain currency, base on the Ethereal blockchain. Borrowed into existence at no interest to replace all interest bearing debt and money.


Start using Rings⍉ today.

Anyone can borrow ⍉5 Rings at no interest with a payment term of five years. So the repayment schedule of 1 ring per year.

On this site you will be able to offer to swap your goods and services for Rings, as well as buy goods and services in swap for the Rings of others.

Offering a good or service for swap for Rings is a vital part of proving you are a credit worthy borrower and will help in determining if you can borrow more Rings.

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Please, if you have any items you would like to swap for ⍉Rings, contact me using the contacts page. Putting a good or service up for swap in Rings will allow you to help prove you are a credit worthy borrower and apply to borrow more rings.